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What is Open Source?

The Future of Farm Production

Here at AgWise we know firsthand the budgets of farmers. Many companies sell expensive hardware with limited software capabilities. Farmers need inexpensive hardware with abundant software capabilities; that’s why we believe in the open source hardware model. The hardware we use to integrate with our software can be built by you, the farmer. This can reduce the initial cost of hardware up to 90%! 

We also know that not everyone will want to build their own, and that is fine and completely understandable. After all you have a farm to run. We encourage you to go to our online store and select the items you need, and we would be happy to put it together for you.

About AgWise

AgWise Was Born Out of Necessity

From the horse to the tractor and now to AI and IoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things), agriculture technology has changed significantly in the last 150 years. AgWise is here to help farmers make the transition into this new inevitable era of technology. AgWise founder, Jordon Masters, is a sixth-generation small farmer from West Virginia. Between Masters and his team, they have over 50 years in small farm and technology experience. Having a team comprised of small farmers lets AgWise truly know what the small farmer needs and more importantly can afford.

Jordon Masters

CEO & Founder

B.S. Horticulture, WVU

Ryan Cole

CTO / Developer

B.S. Computer Science, WVU

Cory Neese


B.S. Accounting / Bus. Admin. BSC

Josh Mapel

Sales Representative

B.S. Ag Educ. / Extension, WVU

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