Stay connected to your farm from anywhere on the world! Want to know what the temperature is in your barn, high tunnel, or chicken coop? Log in and check it out. For the areas of high concern when you are away from the farm, set up alarms to text or call you when they go out of range. 

Two different levels of alarms can be set up; basic and critical. Basic alarms will send you a convenient text every time an area is out of range. With critical alarms for areas that need immediate assistance, users will receive a phone call every five minutes until answered. 

Check out the demo to learn more.


Spend more time on the aspects of farming you enjoy and less on things you don’t. You can go on with your day knowing your farm is running itself. Set up irrigating zones, motor controls, lighting, etc. to work on their own based on agricultural principles. 

Adjust your automation from anywhere in the world. Away from home and need to roll down the sides of your high tunnel due to high winds? Log in and roll them down! Check out the demo and our case study videos to learn more ways to automate your farm!


Having good data on the farm makes a huge difference. Historical data can be provided to Extension Agents or other agriculture assistance resources to deliver better results. 

All of the data acquired under our software can be exported to Excel, allowing you to provide experts with the data behind the problem.

Copyright © 2020 Micro Genesis · All rights reserved. Legal Notice | Privacy

Copyright © 2020 Micro Genesis · All rights reserved. Legal Notice | Privacy

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